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Classes: Personal Enrichment: Writing/Publishing Skills

Polish your writing skills for fun and/or profit and learn how to publish your works


                                         CLICK ON THE COURSE TITLE TO SEE FULL DETAILS.

If the class is already full, check with us to see if it will be offered again next term.  Please provide us with the course title and date when e-mailing or calling (651)779-3341 with questions. 

If a class has the waitlist designation, it is full.  You may add yourself to the waitlist by clicking on this button and signing in or creating a new student profile.

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Online Class   Advanced Fiction Writing  Class ID: 34538  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Alcorn    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0030  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published  Class ID: 34555  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Krusemark    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0036  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Beginning Writer’s Workshop  Class ID: 34534  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Linquist    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0022  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Breaking Into Sitcom Writing  Class ID: 34687  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Glazer    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0034  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Explore a Career in Medical Writing  Class ID: 34863  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Loguidice    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0042  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   How to Make Money From Your Writing  Class ID: 34541  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Shaw    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0017  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Introduction to Internet Writing Markets  Class ID: 34615  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Aksomitis    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0026  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Introduction to Journaling  Class ID: 34614  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Simpson    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0028  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Introduction to Screenwriting  Class ID: 34810  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Rabkin    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0040  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Mystery Writing  Class ID: 34536  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Alcorn    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0023  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Publish and Sell Your E-Books  Class ID: 34822  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Aksomitis    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0041  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Romance Writing  Class ID: 34869  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Kissinger    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0043  24 hrs. daily  
Online Course   Self-Publishing eBooks  Class ID: 25601  Start 05/05/14  End 05/30/14   Instructor: UGotClass    Tuition: $195.00
3UGC-0024  24 hrs. daily   Please read: You will ...More
Online Course   Self-Publishing eBooks  Class ID: 30330  Start 07/07/14  End 08/01/14   Instructor: UGotClass    Tuition: $195.00
3UGC-0024  24 hrs. daily   Please read: You will ...More
Online Class   The Keys to Effective Editing  Class ID: 34552  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Landis    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0007  24 hrs. daily  
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Online Class   Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book  Class ID: 34725  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Adams    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0031  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Write Your Life Story  Class ID: 34554  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Shaw    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0001  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Writing for Children  Class ID: 34535  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Parenzan Smalley    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0029  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Writing for ESL  Class ID: 34549  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Bebawi    Tuition: $105.00
3DPI-0035  24 hrs. daily  
Online Class   Writing Young Adult Fiction  Class ID: 34792  Start 05/21/14  End 07/11/14   Instructor: Alcorn    Tuition: $105.00
3DWT-0039  24 hrs. daily  
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